Vendor services

“We build out our global infrastructure mindfully so we can showcase our vendor partners in the best light to the widest possible audience around the world.“

Scott Fink, CEO Sorfin Yoshimura NY

Discover our supply chain solutions: a one-stop shop for our vendor partners

As the battery manufacturing industry’s only global single-source supply chain provider, Sorfin Yoshimura has combined commercial, product, and engineering proficiencies unrivaled within the energy-storage industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of value-added services to complement the machinery, raw materials, and consumables you as a battery manufacturer or vendor require.

Our track record has earned the trust of our vendors worldwide


We are aligned with the world’s leading vendors serving the battery energy storage industry. Our global infrastructure and internationally conversant team allow us to easily learn the key value proposition for your products/services and scale to potential customers anywhere in the world. Our catalog is more robust than anyone else in the battery energy storage industry, so customers come to us for our insights and recommendations.

Shipping and Logistics

Mass adoption of your products will be largely determined by their landed cost. SY has decades of experience in shipping using all modes of transit. This guarantees your goods will arrive to the customers door timely and in the most cost competitive fashion.

Warehouse management

Accessing materials and consumables on a just in time basis is essential for our customers to feel comfortable buying from overseas vendors. SY global warehouse network allows raw materials to reside locally regardless of where they are produced. To add additional value, SY offers warehouse management solutions that connect with incoming procurement teams and minimize supply chain disruptions or machine down time.


We trade in a multitude of currencies, so you don’t have to. We offer our purchase orders to you locally, so this gives your management piece of mind. SY financial solutions are another way we make the world smaller and more trade friendly.


SY technical consultants work alongside your technical team to ensure proper product placement. Our in-house technical experts have combined battery making expertise across all product types and all levels of automation. Helping customers navigate any economic, technological, environmental safety, or regulatory hurdles they face is our mission, and your products are the solutions we offer to guide them to their destination.

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