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The Sorfin Yoshimura story began back in the 1970s when Paul Fink and Tom Yoshimura were introduced.  They began by working alongside each other as business associates. Over time, their relationship evolved into a strong business partnership and more importantly a lifetime friendship.

This history perfectly reflects the unique business model that we have at Sorfin Yoshimura. We are a global corporation with two equal and strong headquarter offices in New York and Tokyo. In recent years, Taro Yoshimura and Scott Fink have taken over the reins and become second generation leaders. Scott and Taro have brought new energy, and innovative spirit to this supply chain service leader. They leveraged off the strong foundation that the company was built and fortified it by opening 6 regional offices around the world.

SY Group’s revenue and global reach have exponentially grown, but our commitment to service will never be compromised.

SY Group’s strength is our robust, experienced network of service minded people around the world working every day to make the energy storage industry as successful as possible.

Expertise and Innovation – Our Competitive Advantages

Sustainable, efficient electrification is the future, and battery energy storage is the calling card of that future. At Sorfin Yoshimura, our competitive advantage is our targeted industry expertise in battery energy storage. No matter what the goal of your operation is, Sorfin Yoshimura has the specific products and services to help you get there. As energy storage continues evolving, new chemistries are emerging, device requirements are more robust, and price competition is fierce. Customized solutions, like those offered by SY, are no longer luxuries that are optional, they are essential.

Nearly 50 years of serving the energy storage industry

Sorfin Yoshimura has grown to become the energy storage manufacturing sector’s connection to the materials, technology, and machinery necessary to help businesses navigate today’s challenges. We understand the nature of your business, and through customized solution protocols, we help lessen the impact of such obstacles as increased materials and shipping costs, new industry regulations, and supply-chain issues.

Our unique business model allows us to act fast and flexible to our customer and vendor needs.

A range of value-added services customized for you

Our toolbox is extensive for all energy storage chemistries including lead acid, lithium, hydrogen, sodium, etc. Combining our commercial and engineering know-how, we offer a remarkable menu of innovative services to complement the machinery, raw materials, and consumables battery factories require, including procurement, shipping, logistics, warehousing, inventory, and financing.

20 languages – Our Mini-United Nations

Our dedicated team, under New York and Tokyo leadership, offers support in nearly 20 different languages, with offices and warehouse infrastructure strategically positioned around the world.  Our ethnically and culturally diverse team of professionals allows us to have in depth knowledge into the issues YOU are facing at home while maintaining uniformity in our company’s core philosophy.

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