Sorfin Yoshimura: Sustainable & efficient electrification is the future of the energy storage industry

And innovation is the calling card of that future. At Sorfin Yoshimura, innovation is our competitive advantage. It is inspiration and creativity that drive our diverse, multi-cultural workforce to reexlplore our processes and deliver increased value in everything we do.

Innovation as our competitive advantage

After a half-century, we have grown to become the lead energy storage sector's connection to the materials, technology, and machinery necessary to navigate today's challenges. Through customized solution protocols in procurement, shipping, logistics, warehousing, inventory, financing, and consulting, we lessen the impact of increased materials and shipping costs, industry regulations, and supply-chain issues.

Well Positioned for Tomorrow

Sorfin Yoshimura is committed to strengthening our industry connections by adding passionate professionals to engage customers while bolstering our infrastructure, warehousing, and eight global offices around the world.

View the Future at ELBC

As a 2022 ELBC Conference Silver Sponsor at the 2022 ELBC Conference, our extensive range of services will be fully displayed. You will discover that it is our culture of innovation that allows us to connect energy storage enterprises with industry experts and vendors, and it is innovation that powers the world.

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