Tesla quietly brings online its massive – biggest in the world – 80 MWh Powerpack station with South

After announcing the project back in September, we have now learned that Tesla and Southern California Edison (SCE) have completed the massive 80 MWh energy storage station using Tesla’s new Powerpack 2 at the Mira Loma substation.

There are a few bigger projects in various phases of development, but it looks like this one is the biggest energy storage project in the world using lithium-ion batteries currently in operation.

While Tesla and SCE haven’t officially launched the new substation yet, sources familiar with the new Powerpack installation told Electrek that it was completed a few weeks back – late December – and brought online so that the electric utility can start using it to manage peak demand.

We are talking here about a massive project with 400 of Tesla’s new Powerpack 2, which are literally equal to more than 2 of Tesla’s first generation Powerpack – 210 kWh versus 100 kWh. The Mira Loma substation project is among the first to use the new battery pack for utility-scale projects.

Since launching ‘Tesla Energy’ in 2015, the company reportedly delivered 300 MWh of battery packs, both Powerpacks and Powerwalls, meaning that Mira Loma’s 80 MWh alone is likely to make the latest quarter’s Tesla’s best for energy storage product.

It’s also one of the first projects to use Tesla’s new inverter developed in-house. It lowers the cost, increases the efficiency and power density.

read the full article on electrek.co

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