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European Rivals Line Up Against Tesla in the Race to Build Gigafactories

Tesla’s recent purchase of German manufacturing automation specialist Grohmann Engineering comes as an increasing number of Gigafactory rivals spring up across Europe.

Tesla announced the Grohmann deal last month after Swedish media reported that its former supply chain vice president, Peter Carlsson, was planning to open a battery gigafactory of his own in Sweden.

The announcement means at least five gigafactories are now slated for the continent. Tesla itself is planning a European gigafactory in the wake of the Grohmann acquisition. The facility will be used to build batteries and cars.

Meanwhile BMZ opened the first phase of a German battery manufacturing facility in May. LG Chem has unveiled plans for a factory in Poland, potentially opening next year. And Samsung SDI wants to manufacture up to 2.5 gigawatt-hours of batteries in Hungary from 2018.

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