2017 Renault ZOE Shocks World, Hits 400 Kilometers (250 Miles) Of Range!

Renault has apparently swooped in and beaten the long-hyped Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 to market with a long-range, affordable electric car. Keeping that a secret must have taken some serious discipline!

Granted, it isn’t a straight comparison, but it’s still a notable step forward by Renault.

The new Renault ZOE, which can be ordered starting October 1, has an NEDC-rated range of 400 kilometers (~250 miles). The NEDC system is much more lenient than the EPA rating system, so this doesn’t mean the ZOE actually competes with the Chevy Bolt’s 238 miles of EPA-rated range or the Tesla Model 3’s eventual range (which is supposed to be no lower than 215 miles), but it still makes the new ZOE the first long-range all-electric car with an affordable price tag, which is a hefty accomplishment!

read all the details including pricing, battery pricing, and vehicles comparisons on cleantechnica.com

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