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"Honda debuts upgraded 2-motor hybrid system"

"Honda Motor Co. has tweaked its two-motor hybrid system for large vehicles to deliver better power and fuel economy.

The improvements debuted this month in a new gasoline-electric drivetrain for the Japan-market Odyssey minivan.

By cutting the size and weight of key components such as the battery and power control unit, Honda engineers upgraded the two-motor hybrid system currently used in the Accord Hybrid and Accord Plug-in Hybrid that were introduced in 2013.

Honda dubs the system the Sport Hybrid i-MMD powertrain.

For the first time in Honda’s two-motor hybrid system, the company is getting batteries from Panasonic Corp.

The Accord Hybrid sources its batteries from Blue Energy Co., a battery joint venture between Honda and Japan’s GS Yuasa Corp.

Honda also uses Panasonic batteries in its Fit Hybrid.

Honda expects the Odyssey Hybrid to account for half of Odyssey sales in Japan, with volume reaching 12,000 vehicles a year."

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