Tesla releases impressive look inside Gigafactory Shanghai, with its hundreds of robots

Tesla has released a video with an impressive look inside Gigafactory Shanghai, which is currently Tesla’s only vehicle factory in operation. The timing of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai couldn’t have been better for the automaker. Not only did they manage to build the entire factory and start production within about a year, but the production also started before Tesla was forced to shut down Fremont factory due to the coronavirus pandemic. It resulted in Tesla at least being able to produce some cars during the shutdown at its main plant. This wouldn’t be possible without Tesla managing to turn what was an agricultural field into a complex factory on an incredible timeline. Today, we get our

The 5 Most Promising Long-Duration Storage Technologies Left Standing

Low-carbon grids need longer-duration storage, but few technologies have succeeded at scale. Here’s the current roster of best bets. Rarely has such a crucial enterprise for the future of human civilization led to such little commercial success. Long-duration energy storage holds great potential for a world in which wind and solar power dominate new power plant additions and gradually overtake other sources of electricity. Wind and solar only produce at certain times, so they need a complementary technology to help fill the gaps. And the lithium-ion batteries that supply 99 percent of new storage capacity today get very expensive if you try to stretch them out over many hours. The problem is

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