Education, education, education: Adapting to the energy storage age

The traditional automotive industry had been reluctant to embrace the electricity revolution. But Porsche’s recent announcement that it would be doubling its investment in electric vehicles (EVs) to €6 billion (US$7.4 billion) by 2022 can be seen as a wakeup call. The battery vehicles are coming. And Porsche is not the only one. Other automotive companies are on the same path and investment in EVs from the EU and US automotive industries totals about €90 billion in the next five years. There is no time left to hide. In short, energy storage technology is set to revolutionise our society, EVs and beyond, with power companies among the most affected – whether they like it or not. The sector ne

Report: Gravity-based energy storage could prove cheaper than batteries

"Storing energy by suspending weights in disused mine shafts could be cheaper than batteries for balancing the grid, new research has found. According to a report by analysts at Imperial College London and seen by BusinessGreen, gravity-fed energy storage systems can provide frequency response at a cost cheaper than most other storage solutions." "According to the paper, gravity-fed storage providing frequency response costs $141 per kW, compared to $154 for a lithium-ion battery, $187 for lead acid batteries and $312 for flywheel. The numbers assume the storage performs 700 cycles per year of 15 minutes each, at a power output of 4MW, to help manage the real time grid balance between system

The Spectrum of Resiliency – What Role Does Energy Storage Play in a Microgrid?

Microgrids and energy storage are highly promising and frequently discussed topics in the energy community. Growing cybersecurity threats and frequent natural disasters that pose risk to the electric system have made microgrid solutions a desirable infrastructure improvement for customers and utilities. At times, however, the terms “microgrid” and “energy storage” are used interchangeably – implying energy storage systems naturally provide energy security. It is important to recognize that microgrids and energy storage are not the same thing. The answer to whether energy storage is essential to a functioning microgrid is: well, it depends. Energy storage is a flexible, versatile distributed

EDF Plans to Invest $10B in Energy Storage by 2035

French utility EDF is angling to become the European leader in energy storage solutions. The company unveiled a new Electricity Storage Plan last week with a goal to develop 10 gigawatts of energy storage around the world by 2035, on top of the 5 gigawatts it currently has in operation. EDF said the accelerated plan represents an investment of 8 billion euros — or just shy of $10 billion — between 2018 and 2035. The move comes as other European energy giants, including Enel, E.ON and Total, are also making significant investments in the energy storage sector. EDF is already involved in energy storage technology applications, including batteries and pumped hydroelectric storage. The state-own

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