The biggest solar parks in the world are now being built in India

Weeds poke listlessly from the flat, rocky earth as the temperature climbs to the mid-90s. On a cloudless March afternoon, the blue horizon stretches out uninterrupted, as if even birds are too weary to fly. On this unforgiving patch of southern India, millions of silver-gray panels glimmer in the sun, the start of what officials say will be the biggest solar power station in the world. When completed, the Pavagada solar park is expected to produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 700,000 households — and the latest milestone in India's transition to generating more green energy. Long regarded as a laggard in the fight against climate change, India is building massive solar st

Johnson Controls to Complete Strategic Review of Vehicle-Battery Business

The Wall Street Journal reports... Company hires Centerview Partners to weigh options for its power solutions unit Johnson Controls International JCI -1.10% PLC could sell or spin off its battery business as part of the industrial company’s plan to strengthen its core building technology offerings. The Ireland-based company said Monday it is exploring strategic alternatives for its power solutions business, which brought in about $7.3 billion of revenue in the past fiscal year. The power solutions business primarily sells lead-acid batteries for trucks and cars but it also supplies batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. The business employs about 15,000 people. The majority of the compa

Mazda, ELIIY Power and Ube Industries jointly to develop 12V Li-ion starter batteries

Mazda Motor Corporation, ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. and Ube Industries, Ltd. have agreedjointly to develop lithium-ion batteries for use in automobiles. The three companies will work together to develop durable, heat- and impact-resistant 12-Volt lithium-ion batteries as a viable replacement for lead-acid starter batteries in motor vehicles by 2021. Lithium-ion batteries offer a promising alternative to conventional lead-acid car batteries, as environmental regulations in some regions restrict the use of lead and engineers aim to reduce vehicle weight for improved fuel economy. But their application in motor vehicles so far has been limited due to the need for car batteries to withstand the high

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