Could depleted oil wells be the next step in energy storage?

Quidnet Energy is hoping to revolutionise energy storage with its underground pumped hydro concept, which uses abandoned oil and gas wells to store and release pressurised water, driving turbines and feeding electricity back into the grid. How does the concept work and how far could it go? Quidnet co-founder Aaron Mandell explains on

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) What is it and why does it matter?

US President-elect Donald Trump has promised to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal as soon as he takes office. The TPP, signed by 12 countries in February, covers 40% of the world's economy. But all 12 nations need to ratify it, and Mr Trumps comments suggest that simply won't happen. Outgoing US President Barack Obama treated trade deals as a priority, but US opponents have characterised the TPP as a secretive deal that favoured big business and other countries at the expense of jobs and national sovereignty. TPP in a nutshell The member states are the US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru. The pact aims t

How Can Machine Learning Create a Smarter Grid?

Across the globe, energy systems are changing and creating unprecedented challenges for the organisations tasked with ensuring the lights stay on. In the UK, National Grid is facing shrinking margins, looming capacity shortages and unpredictable peaks and troughs in energy supply caused by increasing levels of renewable penetration. At the Reinventing Energy Summit, Michael Bironneau, Head of Technology Development at Open Energi, will explore how the same machine learning techniques that have let machines defeat chess and Go masters, can also be leveraged to orchestrate massive amounts of flexible demand-side capacity – from industrial equipment, co-generation and battery storage systems –

Mercedes-Benz Launches a US Energy Storage Company

We knew the Mercedes-Benz residential battery would be coming to the shores of America in early 2017. Now we know it will arrive with a whole new company. Parent company Daimler AG has created Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, LLC to sell stationary storage of all sizes to the U.S. market. Like Tesla, this is a car company that developed electric vehicles (EVs) and then put its battery expertise to work in a stationary storage product. The Mercedes home batteries will also go head-to-head with fellow German emigrant Sonnen, a competition made all the more personal because Daimler hired Sonnen's former U.S. CEO, Boris von Bormann, to lead the effort. After three years of working on Sonnen's U.S.


The unfortunate reality of the batteries in our motorcycles is that we never think of them until that moment we hit the starter button only to hear the telltale “click-click-click” of an almost-dead battery. Lead-acid battery technology has developed over more than a century to the point that, with little or no attention, the battery powering your bike can be 100 percent reliable for many years before needing attention. Here we will look at the current state of lead-acid battery technology, the increasing popularity of lithium-iron as a replacement, and what you need to know about both types of batteries to make sure your own bike starts every time you press that button. Long ago, motorcycle

Axion Power Enters into Letter of Intent on Licensing of PbC® Technology in Greater China and North

Axion Power International, Inc. (OTCQB:AXPW) has entered into a Tri-Party Letter of Intent with Fengfan Co. Ltd. of Baoding, China (SH. 600482) and LCB International Inc. of BVI, regarding the sale of Axion’s PbC® technology in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to Fengfan and LCB, along with non-exclusive licensing rights in North America. A culminating event after many months of negotiation, the Letter of Intent, jointly signed by all parties on October 31, 2016, calls for a $5 million cash infusion into Axion over a 24-month period. As a result of the signing of this Letter of Intent, Fengfan will make an initial cash down payment of $250,000 to Axion by December 1, 2016 upon receiving re

Aqua Metals Produces First AquaRefined Lead at World’s First AquaRefinery

Aqua Metals (NASDAQ:AQMS) today announced that it has produced the first-ever AquaRefined lead at its flagship AquaRefinery in McCarran, Nevada. AquaRefining is a water-based, room-temperature process and is the only clean lead recycling method. “This is a major milestone – not just for our company, but for the entire industry,” said Dr. Stephen R. Clarke, Chairman and CEO of Aqua Metals. “Our commercial-scale AquaRefining modules have the potential to revolutionize lead recycling and make lead-acid batteries the only truly sustainable battery technology. We are confident that our lead products will exceed the most rigorous industry specifications. I am extremely proud of our entire team for

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