Tesla’s Powerwall 2 packs over twice the energy storage

Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 is part of Tesla Energy, the company’s new comprehensive approach to green, all-electric power delivery. The updated home energy storage product is similar to the last one, in that it’s a large, rectangular (now with more rectangularity) device designed to live on a wall in your home (likely in the garage or somewhere similar) – but the big differences are on the inside. The Powerwall 2.0 has more than twice the energy storage capacity of the original version with 14 kWh capacity. Over double the capacity means double the ability to keep your home humming with guilt-free electric power, culled from the new solar roof offering for private homes that Tesla also unveiled

Saft Helps Brasilia Substations Make the Switch to Maintenance-Free Nickel Battery Backup Systems

Brazilian power utility Companhia Energetica de Brasilia (CEB) has awarded Saft a contract to design, manufacture and supply maintenance-free nickel backup battery systems for all 34 distribution substations serving Brasilia, the country’s capital city. The Saft Uptimax batteries are replacing the existing lead-acid batteries at the CEB substations to provide a significant increase in reliability and availability while reducing battery maintenance and replacement costs. CEB controls electric power distribution, generation and transmission assets covering an area of more than 5280 sq km (2038 sq miles), providing service to more than 990,000 clients and nearly 2.9 million residents. The subst

RSR Corporation Announces Installation of State-of-the-Art Technology to Reduce Lead Emissions

Revere Smelting and Refining Corporation - RSR - one of America’s leading lead smelting and lead battery recycling companies, today announced the installation of a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) at its facility in Middleton, New York. The installation, which becomes fully operational as the nation recognizes Lead Poisoning Prevention Week – October 23 – 29, 2016, adds to the list of such facilities in the RSR portfolio joining others located at City of Industry in California and Indianapolis, Indiana. The new Middleton facility has the capacity to reduce lead emissions by as much as 95 percent, significantly exceeding existing government environmental standards for such operations. Us

Southern California Edison to unveil a battery storage-gas turbine hybrid

Call it a hybrid system with multiple applications for the electric grid.Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed on to be the first utility in the country to buy a project that will combine existing gas turbines with a battery storage system. The first-of-its-kind technology is devised by Current, the new $1 billion energy services company that’s part of the General Electric empire, “It means a more reliable electric grid,” said Colin Cushnie, vice president of energy procurement and management at SCE. “It means less emissions in the operations of the power plants to maintain a reliable electric grid.” SCE bought two of what is called the LM6000 Hybrid EGT, which allows the turbine to op

From Solar to Second-Life Batteries: Why the Navy Leads the US Government in Clean Energy Deployment

The Navy quickly adopted clean energy as a better way to fulfill its mission—leading to massive solar procurements, used submarine battery storage projects and microgrids on bases. It's impossible to say which arm of the federal government has done the most to advance clean energy. The Department of Energy has played an invaluable role inincubating technologies and bringing costs down. The White House has driven change through executive actions like the Clean Power Plan. And the State Department negotiated the Paris agreement to curb global warming through greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The military has stepped up its promotion of renewables too -- particularly the Navy. Last week, the

Tesla, Apple and Uber Push Lithium Prices Even Higher

After more than tripling in price this year, Lithium is no longer that dull commodity we take for granted in our consumer electronics: It’s the commodity powering the next, undeniable energy revolution. The tight supply picture emerging as electric cars, mega-batteries and massive energy storage solutions become the cornerstones of our lives could be on the edge of turning new lithium explorers into the next barons. Lithium now appears to be at a crucial moment in time: The moment when profits in the industry begin to elevate market valuations, and when consolidation starts to boost gains for all those junior explorers who have been scooping up land in the world’s lithium sweet spots. “This

Molten Silicon Offers Unprecedented Solar Energy Storage

Researchers continue to make progress in large-scale storage of solar energy for use when the sun’s not shining. The latest comes out of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), where scientists have developed a thermal-based system that uses an abundant natural material, molten silicon, to store energy generated by the sun. The system developed by researchers from the university’s Solar Energy Institute can store up to 10 times more than existing similar solutions, according to researchers, and it could one day be coming to a city near you. That’s because the team aims to develop a series of next-generation, low-cost solar thermal stations based on the system—which currently has patent-

Southwest Airlines Goes Electric with Lead Batteries for its Baggage Tractors and Belt Loaders

Despite the cost and environmental advantages of battery-powered ground support equipment, most baggage tractors and belt loaders in operation still rely on diesel power. Southwest Airlines, however, is moving quickly in the other direction. Living up to the “overall commitment to efficiency and the planet” cited in the company’s “triple bottom line approach,” the Dallas-based carrier is converting its fleet of baggage tractors and belt loaders from diesel power toward greener, more efficient electric-powered solutions. Reflecting that initiative, Southwest Airlines recently embarked on an 18-month, multi-city trial of NexSys batteries from EnerSys. Featuring Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) tech

BNDES, Brazil’s Largest Bank, Will Stop Financing Coal- & Oil-Fired Power Plants

BNDES, the largest development bank in Brazil, announced this week it will significantly reduce the financing of power plants using coal or oil for generating electricity. The announcement this Monday is part of a growing effort to discourage carbon-intensive energy projects. BNDES released a new set of guidelines for public financing in the power sector. The bank decided to reduce credit to gas-fired power plants to 50% of its total investment, down from 70%. For solar developments, it increased financing to 80% of project values, up from 70%. “The measures aim to contribute to increase alternative energy sources in the Brazilian power mix, directing investments to projects with high social

100 times faster-charging battery technology developed

Researchers here have developed a new hybrid energy storage technology with faster charging speed than ordinary secondary batteries, the science ministry said Monday. "The new hybrid energy storage technology combines pros of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors and thus has higher energy capacity and supports about 100 times faster charging," the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning said. The research team was led by Kang Jeung-ku, a professor at the Graduate School of Energy, Environment, Water and Sustainability of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Hybrid Interface Materials, one of the science ministry's research arms, supported the research

A Gigafactory, California Style? Tesla Seeks To Double Size of US Auto Plant

There is nothing small about the ambitions of Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk. The brash California carmaker, planning the auto industry’s fastest production increase and mid-way through construction of the world’s largest battery plant, is seeking permission to double the size of its sole auto-assembly plant. The city of Fremont, California, on Oct. 13 is to review Tesla’s request to add up to 4.6 million square feet of new structures to the existing 4.58 million already in use at its factory in the Bay Area city. The proposed new buildings would be added to property Tesla owns surrounding the plant and an additional 25 acres it wants to purchase. They would be used mainly for warehousin

Saft wins Brazilian battery backup deal - Nickel Cadmium

French battery company Saft has won a contract to design, manufacture and supply backup battery systems for all 34 distribution substations serving Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia. The contract has been awarded by Brazilian utility CEB and the Saft Uptimax batteries will replace the existing lead-acid batteries at the substations. This, says Saft, will “provide a significant increase in reliability and availability while reducing battery maintenance and replacement costs”. Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil and CEB controls electric power distribution, generation and transmission assets covering an area of over 5280 square kilometres. Saft said that the substation backup batteries wil

Multiple Drivers Accelerating Storage Growth

The big news of the year in the energy storage sector was the purchase of SolarCity by Tesla, which was announced on August 1. While that generated the headlines, lower profile progress seems to be accelerating. Recently, two significant projects were announced in California and a third in Hawaii. The category is set to move from the periphery to the center of energy sector. Indeed, it seems to be the beneficiary of powerful and interrelated forces: Technical advances, the desire of regulators and users to cut energy use and the resulting strong business case. A report released late last month by Navigant says that the category’s short-term prospects are bright: "In the next 3-5 years, the s

Energy Storage Financing Is Coming Into Its Own

The expansion of accessible financing played a vital role in the growth of solar. Now it’s storage’s turn. Energy storage vendors face a challenge familiar to other purveyors of capital-intensive products: Most customers can't pay cash. The key to reaching mainstream audiences, then, is to offer financing at a reasonable rate along with the product. Such programs have long been available for cars and houses. They have become mainstream for rooftop solar installations, thanks to services like Mosaic that offer zero-money-down financing online in a matter of minutes. Until very recently, storage didn't have a similar service to offer. That's starting to change. This summer, Advanced Microgrid

Leap for energy storage with ViZn Energy Systems guarantee

A Montana-based energy storage company, ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), has announced that it is offering an optional 95 percent power guarantee on their large scale energy storage systems for up to 20 years. The provider of non-toxic flow battery energy storage systems pledge on warranties represents progress for energy storage technology. “Lithium-ion battery life and their limited warranties have been one of the limiting factors for the widespread adoption of energy storage,” said Ron Van Dell, CEO of ViZn Energy Systems. “Our flow batteries have been thoroughly evaluated by Black and Veatch for longevity and performance over a long system life. The system’s long term warranty and a

These 6 Wind Energy FAQs Will Make You A Fan

Wind power is flying high. Learn why this clean energy source is so popular with the public and growing rapidly – and how much we can do with it. The news has been nothing but great lately for the wind energy industry. From plunging costs to exploding growth to a fast-expanding job market, recent developments in wind have proven clean energy can both create real economic opportunity and help us stop climate change. To put it another way, the fact that wind is supplying more and more of our power while putting more and more people to work and reducing our dependence on carbon-emitting, climate-harming fossil fuels has turned us into very big fans. Still, there is an awful lot most people don’

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