University of Waterloo chemists develop zinc-ion battery for grid energy storage

Chemists at the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a zinc-ion battery for grid energy storage. The new battery, which costs half the price of existing lithium-ion batteries, could help allow communities to move to renewable solar and wind energy generation from traditional power plants.It utilizes non-flammable, non-toxic materials and a pH-neutral, water-based salt.The battery also features a water-based electrolyte, a pillared vanadium oxide positive electrode and a metallic zinc negative electrode.Electricity in the battery is generated through a reversible process known as intercalation. Positively charged zinc-ions are oxidised from the negative electrode of zinc metal an

Lead-carbon batteries under test in Europe

The Battery Innovation Centre at the Free University of Brussels is evaluating Lead-Carbon battery technology for the next generation of electric vehicles. The PbC batteries from Axion Power International are being evaluated for automotive applications based on real world driving conditions and vehicle types available in the EU for a major car maker. The testing is due to start in September to benchmark PbC Battery performance and its robust capabilities against several battery chemistries for vehicle applications. "Our team is looking forward to evaluating the PbC Technology and its application in multiple vehicle architectures," said Professor Noshin Omar, Head of the Battery Innovation Ce

What Do We Do With All Of Tesla's Lithium-Ion Batteries?

"In the case of lithium, we think in the long-term there will be a tidal wave of lithium disposal requirements, because lithium hasn’t really been around that long," Cotton says. "We think therein lies an opportunity to innovate further downstream and find ways to recycle." That’s not happening yet for a few reasons, starting with the fact that despite all the headlines, there aren’t actually that many lithium-ion batteries in the world. Aqua Metals chairman and CEO Stephen Clarke explains. “The reality is, we hear a lot about lithium-ion batteries but the sum total of lithium-ion batteries right now equates to less than 4 percent of global battery production," Clarke says. "Ninety-six perce

Storage may be a game-changer for grid

In a fast-developing industry teeming with technologies that promise to be the next big thing, energy storage appears to be the biggest. Its supporters not only sing its praises but also tout what they say is its inevitability. “We’re going to have 10 times as much energy storage on the grid by the end of this decade and that is going to impact every facet of the energy industry,” said Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association, an industry trade group. But the electrical grid is a harsh taskmaster. As far back as the 1880s, Thomas Edison wrestled with a way to effectively take surplus energy, save it and then use it at a later date. It’s not enough to just store ener

South Australia to get ‘world’s largest virtual power plant’

Australian power company AGL is to install the largest ‘virtual power plant’ in the world in Adelaide, South Australia using batteries from San Francisco-headquartered energy storage firm Sunverge Energy. AGL will install 1,000 centrally controlled batteries in South Australian homes and businesses with a combined 5MW/7MWh storage capacity. The AU$20 million (US$15.4 million) project aims to help solve the state’s grid challenges and reduce the risk of power price shocks in the state. Last month saw a raging national debate over whether renewables had caused extreme electricity price hikes in the state with some claiming that renewables are being deployed too fast for the grid to cope. Howev

New York wind farm part of larger offshore energy ambitions

New York is readying the release of its wind energy draft blueprint and should be released in the coming weeks... A New York utility plans to approve a wind farm off eastern Long Island that it says would be the nation’s largest offshore wind energy project built to date. The project would be the first phase of a more ambitious effort to construct hundreds of electricity-producing turbines in the Atlantic Ocean in the coming years. The announcement that the Long Island Power Authority plans to approve a proposed 90-megawatt, 15-turbine wind farm in U.S. waters east of Montauk at a meeting next week was greeted enthusiastically by energy experts, elected officials and environmentalists. “This

Nice Microgrid: Solar, Storage, and Reliability

Way down in the south of France, an experimental microgrid is demonstrating both the technical and business sides of local power production and distribution. The Nice Grid Project combines rooftop photovoltaic resources, strategically placed battery banks, and a smart control system, all of which provide on-site generation, peak load shifting, and islanding. click through to go to the article on

Tesla's Nevada Neighbor Will Soon Recycle Batteries

While Tesla opened up its huge battery factory under construction outside of Reno, Nev. for the first time this week, one of its neighbors is also moving closer to trying to make a dent in the battery world. On Thursday, battery recycling startup Aqua Metals plans to hold the grand opening of its factory in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, the same 166-mile sweeping industrial park that holds Tesla’s Gigafactory, a Walmart distribution center and one of Switch’s data centers. The two-year-old startup, based in Alameda, Calif., broke ground on the factory a little less than a year ago and now has major recycling equipment in place to start breaking down lead-acid batteries from cars, golf ca

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